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Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by! If you have a sweet tooth this is the place for you! My goal with this website is to share my baking journey, and invite you to taste some of the creations along the way as well. Currently, I am in 12th grade and live in Bay Area, CA. Any of my free time away from the tennis court, school, or the busy streets of the Bay Area is spent in the kitchen, whether that is whipping up a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies or experimenting with new recipes. Vanilla Essence is constantly updated with mouth watering pictures and everything is made with premium ingredients.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Eating!



Since I can remember, the kitchen has been my happy place. From easy bake ovens and Betty Crocker youtube videos, to layered cakes and french pastries. Baking is my passion. When I'm not in the kitchen, I love to travel, play tennis, hang out with my friends, and of course watch Netflix just like any other teen girl.

I have a food handler's certificate and have been baking since the age of 8. Vanilla Essence has a license and permit from the County of Santa Clara.

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